About Us

Our approach to fitness is very comprehensive.  We utilize the concepts of functional training, periodization, balance and proprioception to maximize neuromuscular and cardiovascular development.  The exercises involved are multi-joint and multi-planar in nature, thus allowing for a greater degree of carryover to real-life situations.  We offer one-on-one or small group training in a private studio.  You have our undivided attention to guarantee the most effective training possible.  No intimidating atmosphere, no waiting for equipment, no distractions, just results!

Our staff at The Training Studio is like family. You instantly feel welcome and one of the gang. We offer comprehensive advice on the entire concept of fitness. Fitness cannot be achieved by just performing the type of exercise that you enjoy or prefer. Instead, fitness is a lifestyle change that must include all pieces of the puzzle. This lifestyle change can only be achieved by teaching, and utilizing proper nutrition, stretching, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and lifestyle enhancement.

We also offer an extensive array of various endurance activities, starting with our very popular mini-marathon training and even marathon training.  We are not a group of highly competitive athletes training at a professional level; just average people trying to achieve personal goals. These goals could be to shave a couple of minutes off of last year’s race, to finish and event for the first time, or to simply get in better shape.

The Training Studio itself is clean, modern, and state of the art. This is a place you’d look forward to coming to. Email us to schedule a private tour.

We look forward to meeting you!