Founder, Co-Owner

Dale Benedict 

Degrees & Certifications:

  • University of Louisville, Bachelor of Science in Sport Management, emphasis Exercise Science
  • Certified Personal Trainer – American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition
  • Adult/Infant/Child CPR & AED  – American Red Cross
  • TRX Certified


  • Total body emphasis utilizing functional dynamic movements, core strength, balance and body stabilization.  My true passion is to transform and change lives with challenging workouts and clean eating.

Training Philosophy:

  • I founded the Training Studio on a vision to change people’s lives with a comprehensive approach to fitness. Fitness cannot be achieved by just performing the type of exercise that you enjoy or prefer. Instead, fitness is a lifestyle change that must include all pieces of the puzzle. This lifestyle change can only be achieved by teaching, and utilizing proper nutrition, stretching, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and lifestyle enhancement.

What His Clients Say:

  • I have exercised my entire life. I have always been, what I thought, a healthy eater, and I have considered myself, what I thought, physically fit.
    As I got older, I found myself going from one activity to another to challenge myself and tone my middle aged body.  Finally, I met Dale Benedict, who my husband had been training with. Suddenly, I dropped all the other activities, as I finally found the one program that toned my body, got me in the best shape I have ever been in. He taught me the concept of nutrition, better health, and the true meaning of being physically fit!  If you follow Dale’s program, you get the entire package of being physically fit, a toned body, and an understanding of nutrition. Continue reading…...
  • I met Dale last winter when I showed up at the Training Studio for an early morning workout. I was in great shape but his class challenged me to do exercises I wouldn’t necessarily do on my own. After one class, I had a lot of respect for Dale and the Training Studio. I continued working on my strength and interval training during the off season.
    When March rolled around I began focusing primarily on Ironman training. As my training ramped up, I was losing unnecessary weight, feeling weak during long bike rides and craving mass quantities food all of the time. That is when I reached out to a friend of mine who is an experienced triathlete and ultra-runner. She told me she had the best coach for nutrition in town and she would highly recommend him. This coach was Dale. Continue Reading….
  • I have always known that I needed serious help in the department of nutrition……You get to a point in the road where you either keep doing what you are doing and nothing changes, or you recognize something needs to be different.  I have known Dale for awhile but in the sense of strength and running….I reached out to him for nutrition help and guidance….I was about to tackle one of the biggest races probably of my life…… The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run……
    There is a level of trust that one must have when you are putting all of your personal information out for a coach to see….. weight, eating habits, sleeping habits, contents of your pantry, fridge, and cooking utensils or lack thereof…… Dale is ONE OF THE BEST, because he tells you like it is, no sugar coating….I am not a fan of sugar coating, just like I am not a fan of sugar to begin with….Dale helped me with so many things it is hard to even start….Continue Reading….
  • On August 24th, I met with Dale for the first time just to talk about where I was with my running and where I wanted to go….and if it were even possible.
    I had toyed with the idea of running and was coaxed a little further by a friend after we completed a Mudathlon. The goal was to do the ½ marathon in Las Vegas on December 4th.  During the meeting, I mentioned to Dale that I had landed wrong and irritated my left knee during the Mudathlon. After trying a couple of normally easy moves, he told me to come back for my evaluation after all signs of irritation were gone but not before. That meant a lot. I could see right then that I had found someone who was not interested in just pushing me, but also looking out for my health as well.  Continue Reading….
  • Just when you think you figured out the training regimen for Ironman, it becomes abundantly clear that it’s all worthless if you’re not eating right. That is how I met Dale.  Six weeks before Ironman Louisville during my last prep race, I bonked badly on the run. In analyzing the race, I realized that I had significantly under eaten. For one thing, I really did not know how much to eat. And for another, I could not bring myself to eat any more Clif bars or Gu packets and the sugar in the energy drinks was seriously upsetting my stomach. Athlete friends of mine recommended Dale Benedict as someone who understood how to eat for an Ironman.
    Dale’s advice changed the course of my training. He said that it really wouldn’t matter what I ate during the race if I didn’t start fueling my body differently immediately. 100 g of protein, 10 servings of vegetables, with 5 servings of good carbs — every day!  Continue Reading….