Get Fit & Stay Fit

Welcome to the Get Fit & Stay Fit concept

At the Training Studio, our mission is simple – To help every participant GET FIT and teach them the tools to STAY FIT for the rest of their life.  Our approach to fitness is very comprehensive.  We incorporate functional training, periodization, balance and proprioception to maximize neuromuscular and cardiovascular development.  The exercises involved are multi-joint and multi-planar, which maximize carryover to real-life situations.  Participants will learn how to use kettlebells, barbells, TRX, ropes, slosh pipes and various other functional fitness devices.

We are a “boutique-style” fitness center where customer service is second to none.  We do not offer a traditional walk-in style workout, instead members attend various training sessions that are capped at a  maximum of 14 people.  This is not a facility where you are simply a number in the computer.  We pride ourselves in getting actively involved with our members to help goals become reality.  Don’t be surprised if you get a text message or email from us after missing a few classes.  We are always trying to keep everyone involved.   We currently offer over an extensive array of 40 different training sessions each week.  All of our training sessions are designed on a periodized basis a month in advance.  We have a strong focus on pure strength and power during our Monday, Wednesday & Friday sessions and then shift gears to an interval type workout for the Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday sessions.  Click HERE to view our current class schedule.

Training Studio Fundamentals

Training Studio Fundamentals is formulated to teach and educate participants.  The program teaches you proper form and execution of all the basic exercises utilized at The Training Studio.  These (8) 30 minute sessions will give you the tools needed to maximize your experience here at The Training Studio.  The TSF program lasts for 6 weeks with the first 4 weeks dedicated to meeting twice per week with a coach for the private sessions.  While the private sessions are going, all participants are welcome to join in any of the Interval-based classes (Tuesday/Thursday & Saturday) they like, we just ask that you not join the Strength-based classes until your private sessions are complete.

The cost is $250 and gets you a 6 week membership to the gym (both locations) for the interval-based classes and (8) 30 minute private training sessions.  This is a mandatory program that all potential members must complete before purchasing a membership.  

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Get Fit

This Fifty-five minute public strength training session is designed to teach the fundamentals of total body strength. Participants will learn proper form and technique for squats, lunges, push ups, plank variations and many, many more.  We utilize functional dynamic movements, core strength, balance and body stabilization to maximize results.  Workouts may include, but are not limited to bootcamp style exercises (inside & outside), row and run intervals, plyometric drills, kettlebell training and TRX movements.  Intensity level is moderate to high.  Strength training experience is recommended, but not required.  Beginners are welcome.  Sessions are broken down into a dynamic warm-up (5-10 minutes), strength/cardio segment (40-45 minutes) and a cool-down/stretching segment (5-10 minutes).  All sessions are taught by one of our certified fitness professionals in a state of the art private training facility.

Membership info:

$165/mo. for one month at a time (no recurring payment)

$140/mo. (recurring charge placed in a credit card, no term)

What does your  membership include!

– Includes unlimited access to all group training at both Training Studio locations.

Come start your fitness journey with us!! We will give you all the tools you need to succeed. we are community you could thrive in. Please contact us and let your journey begin!

Walk-ins are always welcome for a nominal charge of $25.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.