I just wanted to take a second to let you all know about an exciting new system that we at The Training Studio are excited to be taking part in.  Have you ever wished that you had more short-term goals along the way to your long-term goals?  Well, there’s this exciting new ranking system call FitRanX that is designed to help each and every one of you stay MOTIVATED with new fitness goals.  (even myself and the other coaches)

FitRanX is the only fitness ranking system used around the world and we get to be part of it.  It works through fun and exciting fitness tests to literally get you to the next level of fitness.  There are 8 levels with 3 different age brackets (16-35, 36-55, 56+) so all of you can be part of this.  Level 8 is considered to be the utmost best physical shape any one individual can be in.  This program tests both strength and conditioning and ensures total body fitness by keeping your upper, lower and core body strength proportionate.

The Monday/Wednesday & Friday strength sessions at both locations are specifically designed to help you get ready for the next level.  We will host a FitRanx party at our River Road location monthly.  Friends and family are welcome to come watch and cheer you on.  It is a very festive atmosphere.  

Everyone completing a level test will receive a certificate of achievement.  If you make it past level 3, we will also give you an official FitRanx wrist band.  I expect to see all of you sporting your new band with pride around the gym and out in town.  

This is just one more example of how The Training Studio strives to go above and beyond for each and every client.  We strive to help you stay continually focused on getting to the next level and in the best shape of your life!

Get ready to LEVEL UP !

Click HERE to view the specific testing parameters for your gender and age group.  Keep in mind that this information is for TS clients only and therefore is password-protected.   Please see one of your friendly TS coaches for the password.